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Freie Universität Berlin


Freie Universität Berlin is a leading research institution. It is one of the German universities successful in all three funding lines in the federal and state Excellence Initiative, thereby receiving additional funding for its institutional future development strategy.

Freie Universität can thus take its place as an international network university in the global competition among universities. Development and assessment of research projects takes place within various focus areas, research networks, and platforms for interdisciplinary collaborative research.




  • EMMA - Markov Model Algorithms ( Software )

    Markov models, often called Markov state models (MSMs) or kinetic transition networks, are concise and easy-to-analyze discrete models of continuous stochastic processes. They have been extensively used in the analysis of molecular dynamics (MD). The EMMA software provides a number of command line tools that provide the basics of construction, validation and analysis of Markov models. EMMA is Java-based.

    Keywords: Markov model, Markov state model

  • SCIentific analysis of molecular EXperiments ( Software )

    This is a collection of advanced analysis tools for molecular experiments. Currently we offer the following features: - calculation of dynamical fingerprints.

    Keywords: ensemble experiments, fluorescence correlation, markov models, single-molecule experiments, time-correlation functions, t-jump

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