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Keele University places high value on research excellence and supports internationally competitive expertise throughout the Natural Sciences, Health, Humanities and Social Sciences. We are proud of our achievements in high quality, multidisciplinary research.

We have a unique commitment to research and enterprise. Our ethos is to make a global difference with research knowledge that has beneficial outcomes to solve problems – whether in combating malaria, research on ageing society or discovering new planets.




  • Delft Shoulder and Elbow Model ( Software )

    This project is for development and support for users of the Delft Shoulder and Elbow Model, a large-scale, 3D musculoskeletal model. Development is ingoing, with a number of enhancements since the original description in van der Helm (1994), and the model has been widely used.

    Keywords: Biomechanics, finite element, musculoskeletal, shoulder

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