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Uppsala University


At Uppsala University research is being conducted to understand our society, make the world better and make life simpler. Research that offers new perspectives on fundamental scientific questions as well as contributing to a sustainable environment, human health and the development of society.




  • Structural insights into pre-translocation ribosome motions ( Software )

    This project distributes RNABuilder input files, structural coordinates, and trajectories advertised in our PSB 2011 paper.

    Keywords: internal coordinates, Molecular Dynamics, ribosome

  • Tri-Adenylate mixed-flexibility demonstration ( Software )

    The adenylate_mobilities program was written by Chris Bruns to demonstrate molmodel's ability to select any bond in the molecule and set its bond mobility to Free, Torsion, or Rigid. Free means there are no constraints (similar to a conventional Molecular Mechanics analysis). Torsion means that the bond length and bond angles are fixed, but the dihedral angle about the bond is free to change. Rigid means that dihedral, angles, and bond length are all fixed. Some users may wish to set all bonds in a structural domain or subunit to Rigid.

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