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The research ambitions of our diverse faculty, staff and students are motivated by 21st century challenges. Drexel takes pride in supporting multidisciplinary research initiatives that change over time, and that bring together faculty with the breadth of expertise necessary to tackle complex and challenging issues.




  • LungSim - Multiscale simulation of human lung ( Software )

    The simulation software in this repository is a system engineered representation of the human lung based on multiscale imaging (Multidetector CT, micro-CT, microscopy). It allows to investigate dimensions and heterogeneities in geometric branching patterns, gas supply and diffusion capacities. The research being conducted with this tool provides insight into the evolutionary shaped design of the respiratory system, physical optimality and robustness against pertubations caused by the aging process or disease. You are free to download LungSim v1.2 as a self-installable file for MS Windows including a demonstration dataset. The user interface is written in QT, solutions for other computing platforms are forthcoming. The models are part of the academic output of the researchers cited and should be referred to as such. The project received funding by DFG and NIH-NIBIB. Developers included in the various phases of LungSim's history are Andreas Schmidt, Thorsten Denhard, Stephan Zidowitz, Saloni Shah, Viraj Shah and Uday K. Thummalapalli. Permission is granted to use the software and models for research purposes, but for commercial use please contact the PI, Dr. Andres Kriete, Drexel University (andres.kriete AT drexel.edu).

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