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Computer Human Interaction & Software Engineering Lab


We are interdisciplinary researchers with diverse backgrounds based in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Victoria. Our offices are located in the Engineering/Computer Science building.

Our research interests include:

- cognitive support and technology diffusion
- human computer interaction
- human and social implications of technology use
(social informatics)
- interface design
- knowledge engineering
- software engineering
- technology and pedagogy
- visualization

Our primary objective is to develop tools that support people in performing complex cognitive tasks. Our projects benefit from the collaborative approach taken within our group and with other researchers. As a group, we operate by thinking creatively, exploiting our synergies, and applying innovative research techniques.




  • Jambalaya ( Software )

    A tool for visualizing ontologies.

    Jambalaya is a plug-in created for Protégé which uses Shrimp to visualize the knowledge bases the user has created. Protégé is a “an ontology editor and a knowledge-base editor”, developed at Stanford University, which allows domain experts to build knowledge-based systems by creating and modifying reusable ontologies and problem-solving methods.

    Technical support available.

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