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UCLA Laboratory of Neuro Imaging


"This lab at UCLA does research into the relationship between brain structure and function using image data."

Moving from UCLA to USC.




  • Imaging Data Archive ( Software )

    "The LONI Image Data Archive (IDA) provides a simple and effective means of securely storing, searching and organizing neuroimaging data on the LONI storage network. The easy-to-use web browser interface provides complete data de-identification, data transmission, search and download functionality. The LONI Image Data Archive System also provides a secure system for the archival of collaborator collected image data, ensuring confidentiality, and restricting access to authorized users (http://ida.loni.ucla.edu/LONI_IDA_User_Manual.pdf)."

    Development stage: Mature

    Release date: 3/1/2006

    License: LONI License

    Keywords: database, data service, storage data transfer, anonymization

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