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This is a summary list of all core laboratories at eagle-i Network Shared Resource Repository . The list includes links to more detailed information, which may also be found using the eagle-i search app.

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Stem Cell Core


The hESC core facility has been established to facilitate the transfer of this technology to the Mount Sinai community and other NY state affiliated institutions.

Mouse Metabolic and Phenotyping Core


The Mouse Metabolic and Phenotyping Core is a comprehensive fee-for-service rodent phenotyping core that contains a multitude of testing capabilities for the assessment of rodent models from embryo to adult. Access to the MMPC is open to all Baylor and non-affiliated Baylor investigators. We provide investigators with a wide variety of state of the art equipment and techniques with the goal to standardize key methodologies, and to expedite comprehensive research analyses on diseases related to cancer, cardiovascular dysfunction, metabolic disorders, mouse models of human disease and drug studies. The MMPC supports the application of advanced analysis of metabolic pathways and related physiological and biochemical parameters in mice and rats, as well as in isolated / cultured cells in vitro. Assays offered include hyperinsulinemic-euglycemic clamp in conscious mice, oxygen consumption rate and extra cellular acidification rate measurements from cells in culture plates, DEXA and Echo MRI, CLAMS, heat and real time body temperature monitoring, home cage activity monitoring, MRI, CT, ultrasound, Xray, bioluminescence imaging, indirect calorimetry, telemetry, and non-invasive blood pressure measurements.

Test Organization


This is a temporary test organization for testing the google analytics work. SKC 10/11/16

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