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Matlab-Opensim Interfaces

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    Matlab is a common analysis tool used for data manipulation, signal processing and function integration. These features can be used in conjunction with simulation tools provided by the Opensim interface. This project provides tools for using different aspects of Opensim within the Matlab environment. This includes 1) using the command line tools by generating XML setup files etc (Scaling, Inverse Kinematics, Inverse Dynamics, Forward Dynamics) 2) using the Java classes that the Opensim GUI is built on to access aspects of the Opensim API. Provided in this project are - 1) Tools for taking motion capture data from C3D files and generating the required input files (marker files {*.trc} motion files {*.mot}, GRF xml files {*.xml}) as well as setup files for each of the different tools that can be called from the command line. Example data from different models and data sets are provided including example pipelines to analyse data using Opensim. Some of this implementation has taken inspiration from Tim Dorn's excellent GaitExtract toolbox. 2)Matlab functions and example scripts for accessing the Opensim API through Matlab. This utilises the Java wrapping classes that the Opensim GUI is built on. Examples are shown to open and edit models as well as perform a 'Muscle Analysis'. Future additions to this site will include performing basic simulations. The purpose of the Matlab-Opensim API toolbox is to allow low level modelling tasks to be achieved without requiring significant C++ programming skills. Keywords: Gait analysis, matlab, Musculoskeletal Modeling, walking
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    Habib, Ayman
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    Lichtwark, Glen
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    Barrett, Rod
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    University of Queensland
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    MATLAB language
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