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mouse anti-bone sialoprotein II

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  1. Monoclonal antibody reagent


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    <a href=http://dshb.biology.uiowa.edu/bone-sialoprotein-II><img src=https://www.eagle-i.net/logos/dshb-button-large.png /></a>
  2. Resource Description
    Target subcellular localization: Extracellular Matrix
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    Activation of integrin alpha(V)beta(3) regulates cell adhesion and migration to bone sialoprotein
  19. Website(s)
    <a href=https://system.netsuite.com/core/media/media.nl?id=704&c=571578&h=16cc3ad3bde952d0f21d&_xt=.pdf>Data sheet WVID1(9C5)</a>
  20. Website(s)
  21. Immunogenic Material
    bone sialoprotein II
  22. Isotype
  23. Source Organism Type
    Mus musculus
  24. Antibody Registry ID
  25. Catalog Number
  26. Related Hybridoma Cell Line
    mouse anti-bone sialoprotein II hybridoma (WVID1(9C5))
  27. Antibody Target(s)
    bone sialoprotein II
  28. Developed by
    Solursh, Michael
  29. Developed by
    Franzen, Ahnders
  30. Location
    Developmental Studies Hybridoma Bank
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